The Power of Thank You

By Jason Benham

I read a simple email the other day that asked a powerful question. What if we replaced the word “sorry” with the phrase “thank you?”

Sorry I was late.

Sorry I am venting.

Sorry I missed dinner.

What if we replaced those phrases with:

Thank you for waiting.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for making dinner.

The power of “thank you” is incredible in relationships. When you show gratitude your brain releases dopamine, which is a chemical that creates and maintains a bond with those to whom you’re thankful.

Replacing “I’m sorry” with “Thank you” will give your relationship the stickiness it needs to last the test of time.

Jason Benham

My aim is simple: I want to get you hooked on God’s Word so that you become the godly man your wife and kids need you to be—the faithful warrior God called you to be. As men, we were made to fight, and our greatest weapon is the Word of God. Armed with His truth, we can win the battles desperately raging against us, our marriages, our families, as well as the culture in which we are called to change.

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