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“How many foul shots is it going to take for you to let me marry you one day?” Jason busted out in typical Benham fashion. “Twenty-five!” I shouted back, confident he’d miss. But that challenge just motivated the man. He showed me. Didn’t miss until number 26! Not long after that moment on the court, he left my hometown of Torrington, Connecticut with a piece of my heart! Eighteen months later, he had the whole darn thing!

Our dating years were nothing short of magical. We had a long distance relationship, so not a moment together was wasted. We danced on the creaking hardwood floors in my kitchen back home to his country love songs every chance we got. He swung me around like a feather, but it was my heart that never felt so light. We were so in love…..

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All relationship problems are ultimately God problems. Somewhere, somehow, some way, the focus on God was replaced with focus on self.


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