Christ’s View of Women

By Tori Benham
John 20:11-18

In Christ’s day, Roman and Jewish courts would not accept the testimony of a woman. This is why it’s so amazing that Christ’s very first witness of His resurrection was a woman, and even more incredible that He gave her the first apostolic call to “go and tell.”

Listen in to this brief clip from Jason’s Bible study where he shares the story of Christ’s counter-cultural move to elevate a woman amidst a male-dominated society and the two things she did to answer this call.

Tori Benham

My goal is to help you in your battle—for your marriage and your kids. I’ve discovered that my best battle buddy is my husband, Jason, when we choose to fight alongside one another and not against each other. Fighting together draws us together. This is exactly why Satan wants to divide us. But we cannot let that happen, and neither can you. I promise I will write from my heart whatever God gives me, and hopefully this sharing will help both of us. The Lord knows I need it as much as anyone!

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