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Six months after Tori and I were married, I had all but lost that lovin’ feelin’. Sure, I still loved her and had no intentions of leaving or anything, but that spark we felt back when we were dating was now a distant memory. Deep emotional connection and romantic dates were replaced by ambitious career pursuit and “guy nights”. (How many of you have been there?)

Within our first five years, we had basically settled for the typical marriage. On a scale of 1-10 we were a 6, maybe a 7, but this was not what I had originally planned, nor was it what I was willing to accept. After two weeks of praying over my wife and asking God to reignite the fire where I was literally laying my hands on her early in the mornings (with no strings attached), God slapped me right in the face! I … had … stopped … pursuing … her. Talk about a conviction sandwich. While praying for her, God laid the problem right at my feet.

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When my twin brother, David, and I were 12-years-old, our dad challenged us to start reading the Bible. (Yes, I have a twin, but I’m much better looking than he is! You can check us out at www.BenhamBrothers.com) Our dad was a preacher, so we felt we had enough of the Bible in our lives, but as we began reading Scripture for ourselves, the words started to jump off the page and into our hearts. Thirty years later (man, we’re getting old!) we learned to cherish the wisdom of God’s Word in our everyday lives. There’s not one part of who we are that the Bible has not impacted in a great way, and I want you to experience the same thing!

To help you along the journey, we created several ways for you to get into God’s Word through our:

Whichever way you choose to engage God’s Word, the time invested will be well worth the effort!


In this section, you’ll find our weekly Bible studies where thousands of other men have joined us in a virtual community of Bible-loving warriors, a current events section where we discuss cultural hot topics from a Biblical point of view, and archived Bible studies listed by Book.


Your Work Reveals Who You Are

As a husband I know I am commanded to provide for my family through work. But what I have discovered is how I handle my work says everything about who I am as a man. This morning in our men’s Bible study we did a study on Amos, and in chapter 8 Amos, a man … Continued

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Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Every single one of us were created with a pre-packed purpose. God is the One Who did this. Just like He created an apple seed … Continued

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The Essential Element of Love

The essential element of love is sacrifice.  You know how much you love someone by what you’re willing to sacrifice for him or her.  One of the things we love the most about weddings is the unconditional love the couples are willing to vow to each other.  Can you imagine what it would feel like … Continued

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How To Restore That Lovin’ Feelin’

In the book of Hosea God shows us how we can restore that lovin’ feelin’ by using the power of “allure.”  Allure is being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.  In dating attraction leads to affection.  But once we get married we discover that affection will lead to attraction.  We learn that what gets our … Continued

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The Best Gift a Man Can Give His Wife

Husbands – the more attracted you are to God the more attractive you will be to your wife!  God created her like this so it will keep you moving toward Him.  That’s why the best gift we can give our wives is for us to pursue God with our whole hearts. When we pursue God two … Continued

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Law & Love

1 John 2:7 – “Dear friends, I am not writing a new commandment for you; rather it is an old one you have had from the very beginning. This old commandment—to love one another—is the same message you heard before.” John is talking about the law of love and states that it’s an old commandment, … Continued

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Opening God’s Hand

In our daily business dealings God is looking for faithfulness–even if it costs us. It’s people like this to whom He can entrust His eternal treasures, which are far better than earthly ones. God’s desire is to bless us, but He chooses to do it in proportion to our willingness to be faithful to Him with what He gives us.

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How You See

When David was king of Israel his pride got the best of him and brought about a plague on the land. As a result, many people were affected. It’s interesting to note here how David prayed to God, which revealed his view of himself and the people.

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Trusting When Faith is an Option

Raised in a home with a pastor dad who never made more than $24k a year we learned to do without a lot of stuff as kids. We lived in a tiny house in Garland, TX where 7 people crammed into 1100 sq feet. Of course, we never thought

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