A word from Tori

Whether you realize it or not, ready or not, marriages are in a battle and how we view this reality will determine how we fight for our relationships.

Here’s a snapshot of my evening to give you a picture of life in my house as a wife and mother …

7:00 p.m. and I just walked away from working on a science project with my 13-year-old while my seven-year-old bounced off the walls in between telling jokes (rather loudly) to my parents who came over with my grandfather for dinner who all live next door. My 11-year-old who just returned from a homeschool science excursion walked in “starving” which means the kitchen counter I just cleaned up is now filled with opened, now empty, and dirty plastic containers. This scene will repeat when my 15-year-old basketball player comes home from a game I couldn’t make (mom guilt kicking in) because keeping up with the younger kids is a never-ending juggling act.

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Kids Are Kids

Kids are kids, and let’s just say they don’t always represent us parents well. As parents, we accept them as they are but because we love them, we have vision for their lives that they will mature into considerate and responsible adults one day. Herein lies the tension. We teach them right from wrong, we … Continued

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