Be Battle Ready

By Jason Benham

Matthew 25:43-47 “…..if the head of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.”

If the man of the house isn’t battle ready then there’s nothing to stand in the way of the thief coming in to rob, kill, and destroy. If a man knows that someone is coming to snatch away his possessions, kill his kids, and burn his house down how do you think he will prepare for that? What do you think his posture would be? I can tell you one thing, he wouldn’t be slouched in a couch holding a beverage in one hand and a remote in the other. He would be completely alert, standing erect with a bible in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Men armed with a beverage and remote have MUCH to fear. Men armed with a Bible and weapon have NOTHING to fear!

Have you ever been so tired that you literally can’t keep your eyes open when all of a sudden someone screams or some loud noise completely wakes you up? In a matter of seconds, you went from not being able to keep your eyes open to being fully awake and fully aware of what’s going on around you. The problem is that most of us are going through life half asleep and it takes the loud screams of our kids to wake us up! But by this time it’s often too late because the thief has already gotten inside your house.

So what do we men need to do to be battle ready in today’s culture?

1) First, recognize that it’s not your house! In Matthew 25:45 Jesus immediately went from talking about the “head of the house” to the “faithful servant whom his master put in charge of His house….” – The servant was not the Master, he was the head of the house – there’s a huge difference there. If you’re the master then all the “stuff” is yours, but if you’re the head of the house then you’re just a steward of your Master’s stuff. The servant knew who he was and he acted faithfully in that capacity.

2) Second, be on the alert – quicken your senses to what’s going on around you (just like you do when a sudden noise awakes you from your sleep). Pay attention, ponder the path of your feet, give careful attention to your ways, study to show yourself approved…… – All of these are biblical principles that keep us on the alert. Look and listen for God in all things, so when He shows up or the enemy shows up you won’t be surprised.

3) Third, when the thief comes, and you know he will, don’t let him in! Whatever that means for you, do it. If it’s getting rid of TV, computers, friendships, whatever. Do it – don’t let him in. He’ll have his hands around your kids’ throats before you know it.

As dads and husbands let’s be battle ready to protect those God has entrusted us to protect.

Jason Benham

My aim is simple: I want to get you hooked on God’s Word so that you become the godly man your wife and kids need you to be—the faithful warrior God called you to be. As men, we were made to fight, and our greatest weapon is the Word of God. Armed with His truth, we can win the battles desperately raging against us, our marriages, our families, as well as the culture in which we are called to change.

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