Jason & TOri

We met in the late 90’s and soon fell madly in love. But after marriage and walking through a few years of status quo mediocre, together, we discovered a great paradox—the beauty of any marriage is found only as you engage in the battle for the relationship. We realized early on that we were either going to fight against each other in a personal war or fight alongside one another in a spiritual battle. Stop fighting face to face and start battling shoulder to shoulder! We went through the former to get to the latter, and only by God’s grace have discovered that marriage and family relationships are indeed very beautiful gifts! That’s why we decided to share our journey through this website. We want to give you the ammunition you need to fight the battle with us and experience the beauty as we have. So if that’s you, then mount up, join us on the ride, and get ready to go to a brand new place in your marriage!


Raw Truths For Real Growth.

A powerful MARRIAGE
is the result of
two people going thru
the flames and one
new person emerging
from the ashes.


Join us on the journey

Christ’s View of Women

In Christ’s day, Roman and Jewish courts would not accept the testimony of a woman. This is why it’s so amazing that Christ’s very first witness of His resurrection was a woman, and even more incredible that He gave her the first apostolic call to “go and tell.” Listen in to this brief clip from … Continued

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Loving Your “Other” Spouse

Your marriage isn’t about you and your spouse. It’s about you and Jesus. Marriage is the opportunity to live and love like Him. In the New Testament alone there are 59 “one another” statements. That’s nearly 60 exhortations to “do something” toward another person. What we do toward others is our way of living like … Continued

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Receiving Treasure

We sat on the hot sand moments after pulling into the beach rental. We didn’t have time to find the beach chairs before all seven of our kids found the ocean!  “How many years have we done this?” I asked Carolyn, my South African friend of over fifteen years. We both squinted our eyes as … Continued

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Closing the Love Loop

In the book of Luke we see a fascinating story on the power of gratitude and how it closes the “love loop” and creates connection in your relationships. Take a few mins and listen in…  

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The Power of Holding Hands

We hold hands a lot. We never knew why we enjoyed it so much until we listened to a talk by a clinical psychologist who spoke about the power of holding hands and its effect on the brain. He put people into an MRI machine and lightly shocked them to see how their brains responded. … Continued

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Focus in Love

The phrase “fall in love” should be replaced with “focus in love.” We don’t truly “fall” in love. Rather, we focus on what we like in a person and our admiration draws us to them. We learn this in a small love story found in Genesis 29:20. “And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and … Continued

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