Jason & TOri

We met in the late 90’s and soon fell madly in love. But after marriage and walking through a few years of status quo mediocre, together, we discovered a great paradox—the beauty of any marriage is found only as you engage in the battle for the relationship. We realized early on that we were either going to fight against each other in a personal war or fight alongside one another in a spiritual battle. Stop fighting face to face and start battling shoulder to shoulder! We went through the former to get to the latter, and only by God’s grace have discovered that marriage and family relationships are indeed very beautiful gifts! That’s why we decided to share our journey through this website. We want to give you the ammunition you need to fight the battle with us and experience the beauty as we have. So if that’s you, then mount up, join us on the ride, and get ready to go to a brand new place in your marriage!


Raw Truths For Real Growth.

A powerful MARRIAGE
is the result of
two people going thru
the flames and one
new person emerging
from the ashes.


Join us on the journey

The Art of Attraction

Allure – the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. Think back to the very first time you found yourself crazy attracted to your spouse. Was it when you first met? For me, it happened a year after Tori and I met. I was playing in Bluefield, WV for the Orioles’ rookie team … Continued

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How A Good Marriage Proves Our Love For God

It’s easier to love God than to love people. Why? Because God is perfect. People are not (well, that’s debatable :)) God never fails. He doesn’t have bad breath. He doesn’t pass gas under the bed sheets. It’s much harder to love people than to love Him. But God says, “if you say you love … Continued

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Trust the Triangle

We’ve discovered the marriages that last the test of time are not between two people, but three. Picture a triangle. Your spouse is at one end, you at the other, and God at the top. The closer each of you draw to God individually the closer you draw to each other. Understanding this principle releases … Continued

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When Fear Gets Loud

I don’t know about you but fear can get awfully loud inside of me. The more attention I give it, the stronger and louder it gets. A childhood memory of mine reminds me of this painful truth, but it also shows me the beauty of what’s on the other side of fear when I choose … Continued

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The Key to Relational Warmth

“Furthermore, if two lie down together they keep warm, but how can one be warm alone?” (Ecclesiastes 4:11) Imagine a cold night in the dead of winter and you jump into your cold bed with your spouse. God has divinely created us so that we give off body heat, so when two bodies touch we … Continued

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Four Phases of Parenting

Parenting four kids has taught us a lot. Now that our oldest is 16 we’re starting to see how our parenting has moved through four distinct phases. Phase 1: BABYSITTER – this is the first stage in parenting where all we care about is making sure our kids are safe and that they don’t put … Continued

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