Jason & TOri

We met in the late 90’s and soon fell madly in love. But after marriage and walking through a few years of status quo mediocre, together, we discovered a great paradox—the beauty of any marriage is found only as you engage in the battle for the relationship. We realized early on that we were either going to fight against each other in a personal war or fight alongside one another in a spiritual battle. Stop fighting face to face and start battling shoulder to shoulder! We went through the former to get to the latter, and only by God’s grace have discovered that marriage and family relationships are indeed very beautiful gifts! That’s why we decided to share our journey through this website. We want to give you the ammunition you need to fight the battle with us and experience the beauty as we have. So if that’s you, then mount up, join us on the ride, and get ready to go to a brand new place in your marriage!


Raw Truths For Real Growth.

A powerful MARRIAGE
is the result of
two people going thru
the flames and one
new person emerging
from the ashes.


Join us on the journey

7 Tips for Raising Children to be Successful

We pray every morning that our kids will experience health and wholeness in all facets of their life—mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. Every parent wants to raise children that go on to be successful at whatever they do. Research shows that the habits and characteristics for success are most easily learned in childhood. Once poor beliefs … Continued

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8 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are challenging. People and relationships evolve over time. It can be a bit like hitting a moving target or trying to understand something that’s constantly in flux. While relationships can be hard to manage, a good relationship is worth the effort. A good relationship can have amazing benefits, but an unhealthy relationship can be … Continued

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7 Tips to Strengthen a Struggling Relationship

All relationships face challenges from time to time. It’s not reasonable to expect that any relationship will be all unicorns and rainbows 24/7 (Tori’s the rainbow – I’m the unicorn!) We deal with this in depth in our upcoming book Beauty In Battle. We show couples how fighting is not something you’re supposed to give up in marriage. You’re … Continued

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Let’s Talk About Sex

The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about sex. It shows us the pitfalls of immortality as well as the keys to sexual satisfaction. When you read the sage wisdom of the book of Proverbs you’ll see that the writer believes sexual satisfaction is possible if you’re simply willing to “let it” happen. … Continued

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Parking Your Ambition

Too many couples struggle from ambition angst. Ambition is a great passenger but a terrible driver. It can help you accomplish great things but it can also tear you apart. All-too-often we see couples struggling because one or both have competing ambitions. They may fulfill a dream but they fail in marriage. The key is … Continued

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One Word That Changes Everything

A sure-fire way to start a fight is to begin with the word “You.” “You never come home on time.” “You talk down at me.” “You lose your temper too much.” Starting with the word “You” puts your spouse in a defensive position. If a fight can be triggered by the word “You,” it can … Continued

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